About Me and My Website


My name is Eric. I am a high school student and I like to code. I primary write in Python but also am proficient in Node.js and am learning Go. I like Javascript on the web and know HTML and CSS. I can make mobile friendly and responsive websites. I can also build fast servers to handle automated emails, users and accounts, special links, databases, and more. I am focused on security and like to go quite overboard with it. I run my school's solar racing club (okemosracing.org) so I am also decent with wiring and electrical things. I love to see people's projects and ideas, and answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact me or email me at eric@andrechek.com.

My Site

  • Built on flask on python 3.
  • Runs a Firebase Realtime NoSQL database
  • Runs on Google App Engine
  • Has exactly 634804 pageviews