Welcome to my personal website! I designed and built this website myself using Bulma, a super handy and easy css framework. I also threw in my own css page for further customization and also added jquery with some super high-tech functions to manipulate the page and track cookies. I plan to use this site to host some of the many projects I create, so that anyone can easily access and use them. I like to build projects all the time for fun. My preferred language is python, so most of my projects run on flask servers on Google Cloud. I like making sexy UIs too, so I usually make my projects as easy-to-use as I can, meaning they almost always have some sort of graphical interface. I also love statistics and to watch my websites and analyze their traffic. I add Google Analytics and some custom built trackers to all my projects. Sometimes my projects are practical and sometimes they are more for fun. I hope you enjoy your exploration through my website, and please, feel free to let me know what you think!


I have made a lot of projects. Some of them are pretty cool, and I recommend you check them out. Here are a few of my favorites:
- YaBoring
- CallOut


I make projects regularly and like to make them available for everyone to use. To get first access to these projects and get notifications about my new blog posts, subscribe down below.




Sometimes I'll write about some technology I'm using, or maybe I'll have a random opinion on something I'd like to share. Whatever the occasion, feel free to check out my blog for my random rants.